RPA system can be successfully integrated with BPM system. In this case, the systems symbiosis allows you to automate large business processes and leave tedious tasks for robots.

Симбиоз RPA + BPMS

Automate the processes,
not task chains

RPA is a technology for task automation using software robots. This is an ideal
tool that can be quickly set up to take tedious tasks off your employees’ hands.

Автоматизация процессов

Tasks alone are not as valuable for business as business processes. A business needs effective business processes. So, rather than automating individual tasks, you should focus on the automation of the processes.

RPA does not have the capabilities to organize communication, configure the escalation, create systems of metrics and KPIs, or execute other business process tasks. The best solution for these tasks is BPMS.

RPA + BPMS synergy

RPA and BPMS make a great combination. BPMS orchestrates the process, it manages the employees, robots, and external systems, while robots execute tedious tasks instead of people. This combined power of the systems creates a synergy between them.

Синергия RPA + BPMS

Seamless ELMA RPA
and BPMS integration

In a BPM system robots and people work to achieve a common goal – execution of business processes. Robots execute tedious tasks quickly and error-free, leaving the creative and more important tasks to their human colleagues.

BPMS recognizes robots as virtual users. They receive tasks and the system tracks their progress. Their actions are recorded and stored in logs.You can access them any time you want.

  • The system treats robots as people, their actions are recorded, and their history is saved
  • RPA bot receives tasks from ELMA. When the task is complete, bot reports the values of the corresponding process variables back to ELMA
  • You can initially plan business processes for robots, or launch their work step by step
  • You can see the bot tasks on the process diagram. This helps you to have an easier time reading and analyzing the diagram

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