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ELMA RPA (Robotics Process Automation)

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Презентация продукта

Routine tasks may block up the company’s resources and reduce process performance; here is where RPA software robots help and can free specialists from mundane operations.

Unfortunately, most RPA systems require profound staff training. But we are convinced developing software robots can and must be easy.

ELMA RPA is a state-of-the-art Russian system for robotic workflow automation. Instead of a complex development environment, we have created a tool that helps train robots. Easy-to-get-started, our system can be quickly and efficiently integrated into the IT landscape of any enterprise.

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Any communication entails losses; organizing large teams charged with business automation always leads to extended timeframes and complexity.

A radical way to solve this problem is to provide users with a simple, low-entry-barrier tool. With such an instrument, users can—without involving coders—train software robots on tackling their everyday tasks.

Почему ELMA RPA?
Презентация продукта

ELMA RPA helps an enterprise solve simple, yet routine, tasks without much effort.

On the one hand, ELMA RPA is a simple tool for configuring robots; on the other hand, it is a powerful enterprise-level product. Orchestrating a bot farm, handling scheduled tasks, seamless integration with a BPMS: all these features allow automating the workflow and address routine tasks on a large, corporate scale.

  • Stream document processing

    Computer vision

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Seamless integration with BPMS

    Computer vision

    Artificial Intelligence

  • A perfect interface for simple monotonous tasks

    Simple data handling

    No excessive functionality

  • Easily expandable system capabilities

    Computer vision

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Works with Windows, Linux

    Computer vision

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Process maturity

    Version control

    Process repository

    Bot Orchestration

Benefits ELMA RPA

  • Computer vision

    ELMA RPA robots employ computer vision. This technology allows training a robot on navigating practically any interface where a person could work. In-depth analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence enable robots to recognize interfaces accurately, not only based on the appearance but also on obtaining and using data from additional sources.

    The process of training a software robot is very easy. A user shows how they do simple things, step by step. The robot memorizes every step and then shows the user what it learned.


  • Uniform operating procedures in various environments

    The ELMA RPA approach ensures that a robot can be equally effective in any environment. No additional plugins or learning app-specific techniques. The system works the same way everywhere.

    Computer vision works with systems that can only be accessed through a remote desktop protocol (RDP). With that, no switching to special modes is required: the setup process is the same as for local apps.

    Единообразная работа в различных средах
  • Simplicity of process modeling

    It’s easy to create versatile parameter-specific programs while you train an ELMA RPA robot. Your robot can handle tasks with various datasets, so you do not have to set it up. While training, you can interact with interface elements using the context menu: for instance, specify what data to input into the interface or what variable you need an element to be pasted to. Everything you need is at hand, making your work simple and intuitive.

    Простота моделирования процессов

    The actions recorded during training form the model of an RPA process. Every action is one card on the visual model of the process. You can reorder them, set up parameters and behavioral specifics. This model is easy to read and maintain.

    Простота моделирования процессов

    Add activities from the pallet to make software robot creating even faster: drag’n’drop an element to the diagram and configure it straight away. As easy as to play with a kids’ construction set.

  • Document stream processing

    Use activity templates to handle documentation: for instance, set the algorithm to analyze a scan and distribute data between a process’ context variables.

    The document scan template editor helps use computer vision in document processing. For that, the user marks a sample document in the visual editor, specifying which variable corresponds to this or that document area.

    To ensure more accurate recognition of standard documents, there are special AI-powered document processing templates. They allow exploiting the Intellect Lab technologies to process original accounting documentation, and the SmartEngines technology to handle ID documents.

    Потоковая обработка документов
  • Managing software robots in a corporate environment

    ELMA RPA is a multifaceted, powerful enterprise-level product based on which users can build bot farms to handle all routine operations within the organization. Orchestrating a bot farm, handling scheduled tasks, seamless integration with a BPMS: all these features allow robotizing the workflow and address routine tasks on a large, corporate scale.

    ELMA RPA processes are adaptable solutions. Modify them whenever you need, and the updated version will be applied across the entire company; or, roll back to the previous version using the process change log.

    You can see the full change log that contains every action software robots perform. The ELMA RPA orchestrator monitors process execution quality and generates reports.

    Управление программными роботами в корпоративной среде
  • Robots in business processes

    The RPA technology helps automate task flows; however, robots cannot automate all the business processes within a company. ELMA RPA robots can be seamlessly integrated with BPM systems, which enables them to solve larger tasks.

    Роботы в бизнес-процессах
  • Advancing system capabilities

    ELMA RPA is a product for subject specialists and analysts. We do not make the product too complex intentionally, so it could be accessible for users having no profound technical knowledge. To use a robot, one needs to train it: not program it. Sometimes, however, creating a perfect solution may require more functions than available from the box. And it’s never a problem in ELMA RPA: the system contains activities that allow a robot to execute an arbitrary code.

    • · Executing an arbitrary C# code
    • · Easy access to process context
    • · Connection of third-party libraries
    Расширение возможностей системы
  • Fully Russian product

    ELMA RPA is a completely Russian product from a famous developer company. ELMA has been developing business automation systems since 2008.

    ELMA is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, and the company’s products are listed on the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases.

    ELMA RPA is the CIS’ and Russia’s most common BPM system (according to TAdviser). Over 2,000 enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, Poland, Great Britain, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Guatemala use ELMA products. Learn more about ELMA on the official website.

    ELMA RPA is a cross-platform solution that allows creating software robots both for Windows and Linux-based operating systems. Thus, it can be integrated into the IT landscape of any corporate environment.

    Полностью российский продукт
  • Simple and transparent licensing model

    A simple and intuitive tool must have a transparent licensing model. In this regard, ELMA RPA does not require regular payments: all versions are subject to lifetime license. Moreover, there is a free edition of the product, ELMA RPA Community Edition, that can suit small and medium businesses, helping them automate the workflow with software robots.

    Простая и прозрачная модель лицензирования

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