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ELMA RPA can quickly and flawlessly tackle a large scope of routine operations, thus enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing operating risks.

Где применять ELMA RPA
Отличие от обычной автоматизации

As a standalone took, ELMA RPA will help automate classical robotic process automatic tasks: iterative, routine operations of regular office workers (accounting, finance, HR, sales, and procurement). In tandem with a BPM system, ELMA RPA can handle more complex tasks and help in any process that involves plenty of manual operations.

ELMA RPA suits

  • Sales

    Managing the customer base; filling and updating CRM data; transferring data from an application form and creating a customer profile; extracting order data; calculating discounts; sending invoices; updating data in the ERP system; collecting sales and marketing campaign data; generating and sending reports (as well as based on data from SAP sheets), etc.

  • HR

    Checking candidate application forms and transferring data; creating employee accounts; making entries to HR and payroll management systems; filing employee technical provision requests; creating sick slips; generating SAP reports on the web portal; imputing job change/retirement details, etc.

  • Finance & Accounting

    Creating invoices; uploading and processing employee and counterpart data; filling out and sending payment documents; processing credit advice; month-end closing accounting; processing travel and representation expenses; reconciliation on accounts payables; opening bank accounts for mortgage clients; processing commercial payables and receivables; general account reconciliation; anti-fraud security control, etc.

  • Analytics

    Collecting and processing large volumes of data, quickly (including exporting data from legacy systems—to ensure more accurate analysis); developing and sending reports.

  • Procurement

    Collecting and processing procurement requests; filling data in SAP sheets; verifying email confirmations; placing orders, etc.

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