Document stream recognition

Working with paper documents and scans is always a monotonous yet important process, and you cannot make a mistake there. This work is daunting for people. Luckily, robots can now automate it!

Распознавание документов на потоке

ELMA RPA transforms document processing into an automated workflow:

  • Documents can be sourced from different places (a local folder, email, third-party system, website, etc.)
  • Automated processing is much faster than the manual one
  • Convenience in setting up recognition: exact match between variables and recognized data; configuring recognition accuracy on the parameter level
  • A robot stores recognized data and can send them to any external system, app, or website

ELMA RPA contains ready-to-use operations for in-stream document processing. Even with no programming skills, a user can configure processing of IDs, agreements, invoices, and other documents. Not only will documents be recognized; information can be verified and transferred to any data systems.

Платежное поручение

Built-in document recognition templates visual editor

ELMA RPA comes with a built-in document recognition marking editor. You do not have to program anything: your robot will recognize similar documents and stack them where you need.

To ensure higher quality of document recognition, you can use more sophisticated AI solutions. This allows you to balance difficulties related to document differences and low scanning quality. ELMA RPA uses ready-made operations for document recognition libraries from Intellect lab and Smart Engines developers. Therefore, you can implement high-precision stream processing of documents in business processes without programming and complex configuration.

Платежное поручение
Intellect lab

ELMA RPA in conjunction with the Intellect Lab ready-made activities allows you to easily process
primary accounting documents and other types of documentation. The developer's
ready-made solutions library is constantly expanding, and document recognition
algorithms are also improving. You can use all innovations after
simply updating the ELMA RPA interface.

  • Bulk document processing within minutes. Focus on primary accounting documentation
  • In-stream document recognition, no matter the input document’s quality or format
  • Processing of structurally complex documents (including multilevel sheets)
  • Up to 99% recognition accuracy
Smart engines

Jointly with Smart Engines’ ready activities, ELMA RPA makes it easy to process a wide range of documents,
primarily identity ones, in business processes. New functions of the Smart Engines library become
available in ELMA RPA interface after a simple update. The Smart Engines solution operates
on the basis of recognition libraries that extract information from machine-readable parts
of documents, credit and debit cards, ID cards, etc.

The technology ensures

  • Recognition of a large scope of ID cards (from local, national to international)
  • Up to 99% recognition accuracy (text & graphics)
  • High data security and protection level with no violation of law or regulations
  • As all these functions and technologies are integrated into ELMA RPA, you can:

    • Tackle standard documentation of any type
    • Create high-performance solutions
    • Implement solutions quickly


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