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ELMA RPA Standard

About Standard Edition

ELMA RPA Standard has the same features as ELMA RPA Enterprise.

The Standard edition is very cost-effective. While most other RPA solutions require renewal of subscription, ELMA RPA Standard is distributed under a lifetime license.

Suited for

The solution is suited for any company.

RPA is designed for quick and error-free work with monotonous data processing tasks: system integration, filling out forms, generating reports, data correctness checking, etc.

The solution is in demand for IT departments, analytics, HR, logistics, procurement, accounting, and customer management.


  • Assistance of in-house ELMA experts with system implementation. Our team will train your employees to create processes without coding.
  • Orchestrator for managing processes
  • Process designer for recording, streamlining, and setting up processes
  • Bot

Standard Edition specifics compared to Enterprise

  • The number of bots is limited. Each bot is purchased separately


  • 400 000 ₽

    First bot

  • 300 000 ₽


You only pay once for ELMA RPA Standard, which makes it different from many other solutions in the market. The product is distributed under a lifetime license and does not require renewal of subscription.

In the case of other RPA solutions with an annual subscription, in the long run, the total cost of ownership is several times higher than the cost of ELMA RPA.

Fill in the form above for a detailed consultation. Our customer care specialist will contact you soon and provide you with additional information about ELMA RPA Standard. You can also get a free demo of the product.

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