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ELMA RPA Enterprise

About Enterprise Edition

ELMA RPA Enterprise is a new solution for robotic process automation.

The RPA technology helps businesses quickly adapt to market changes, test new hypotheses, and transform the organization.

Suited for

Works best for companies with 100+ employees.

Robots quickly and flawlessly perform even most tedious tasks. They fill in forms, generate reports, validate data and pass it from one system to another.

The solution is perfect for IT departments, analysts, HRs, logistics, procurement, accounting, and customer care services.


  • Orchestrator for managing processes
  • Bots (unlimited number)
  • Process designer for recording, streamlining, and setting up processes
  • Assistance of in-house ELMA experts with system implementation.

What makes us different from our competition

  • Easy integration with the third-party programs: 1C, SAP, Legacy systems.
  • Intuitive process designer and user-friendly interface.
  • Interaction with web applications, including websites of government departments and agencies.
  • Computer vision technology for error-free operation.
  • ELMA RPA can be implemented very quickly.

Seamless integration with BPM systems. BPMS manages business processes and ensures communication between executors, while RPA minimizes routine tasks in a business process. Together these tools can efficiently solve complex tasks and make a bigger impact compared to separate use of the two systems.


We have multiple plans at different price points that depend on specific business needs. Contact us, and we’ll help pick a plan that fits your organization. You can also get a free personalized demo of ELMA RPA.

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