Working with ELMA RPA in ELMA Designer

You can launch the RPA process within a framework of the ELMA BPM process. To do so, you have to match the data of these processes, using input and output variables. Open the process in ELMA Designer. Go to the Diagram section and click the working-with-elma-rpa-in-elma-designer-icon-1 button. In the left toolbar open the BPMN Elements section and select RPA Processes.  

Drag the RPA process start element to the process diagram. After that, open the element settings:

  • double-click on the element;
  • click on the element, hover the mouse over the 6 icon, and select Settings.

In the window that opens, you can change the name of the element and add a description. In the Process * field, select the RPA process you want to launch from the list. You can run only published processes.

Designer integration

Data is exchanged through the input and the output variables.

Input variables store the input data of the ELMA BPM process when launching the RPA process.

Output variables determine the data transferred into the ELMA BPM process after completing the RPA process.

To match the context variables of the RPA process and the ELMA BPM process, go to the settings window and click the 18 button to unfold the Input variables or Output variables. In the ELMA process column, select a variable you want to match with an RPA process variable. Let's consider transferring the employee data (full name, date of birth, registration address, registration date, and Social Security Number) from ELMA BPM.

Match all the variables.

Input variables select

As a result, the values of the BPM process variables are transferred to the RPA process variables at the process start. The received data can be used when executing the RPA process.

начало внимание

The RPA process start element must contain at least 2 outgoing transitions. One for successful process completion and one for a possible execution error.

конец внимание