Orchestrator / Orchestrator settings

Orchestrator settings

To open the Orchestrator settings, click on the 56 button on the top panel of the main page or of any section. The page that opens displays two blocks: License information and Settings.

License Information

Here you can view the license information: organization name, the maximum number of bots, registration code, and activation key. If you have purchased a license for the Smart Engines module used in the Document recognition activity, you can view how many documents are available for recognition using the Smart Engines technology.

orchestrator settings

If you need to change the trial key or add new bots you can reactivate the Orchestrator. To do this, click Change license. Read more about activation in the "Orchestrator activation" article.


In the Settings block, , the current system version is displayed. You can view the lists of changes for various system versions by clicking on the 76 icon. You can also specify the address for connecting to another server and change the interface language.

Server address. Indicate the new address or a server name and a port for connection. Use the following structure: http://<server_address>:<port>. Click the 36 button for connecting. If the connection fails, you will see the corresponding notification.

Language. Select the Orchestrator interface language selection: English or Russian.