Orchestrator / Orchestrator authorizartion

Orchestrator authorizartion

You can only work with the Orchestrator using the supported browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

начало внимание

Users with the editor role cannot access the Orchestrator. When trying to log in these users will see a permission denial message.

конец внимание

To get started, enter the server address/name and the port number in the address bar. Use the following structure: http://<server_address>:<port>.

The log-in window will appear. Enter your user login and password.


To select the Orchestrator interface language or edit the server address, click on the 77 button. Enter a new server address/name and connection port in the http://<server_address>:<port> structure and click the 78 button. If the connection has failed, the corresponding notification will appear.

To enter the Orchestrator, click the Log in button or press the Enter key.

If there is an error in your login or password, a corresponding notification will appear.