ELMA BPM and ELMA RPA system integration / ELMA BPM and ELMA RPA integration setting

ELMA BPM and ELMA RPA integration setting

ELMA family products have built-in modules for seamless integration with the ELMA RPA system.

To set up the integration in ELMA BPM system, go to Administration — System — System settings — Integration with RPA system.


To edit the information, click on the 26 icon, fill in the required fields, and click Save.

Integration editing

  • System name. The name of the external system connecting to the Orchestrator. The default setting is ELMA;
  • Authentication Token *. A unique key for ELMA BPM system authentication in the Orchestrator. This key allows the Orchestrator to determine the ability of a specific system to create process execution tasks. To generate a token, click Generate token;
  • RPA server address *. The name of the ELMA RPA server address you need to connect to as http://<server_address>:<port>;
  • RPA server polling timer (in minutes) *. The rate of sending a request for the status of the task executed by a bot. Set in minutes. The default value is 1.

To connect the system to the Orchestrator, click the following buttons:

  • Send a registration request. Sending a request to connect the ELMA BPM system to the Orchestrator. This will send the system information to the Orchestrator. It will be able to create process execution tasks only after the administrator allows the system to connect to the Orchestrator;
  • Access check. Checking the ELMA BPM system status in the Orchestrator.

Read more about working with external systems in the Orchestrator in the "Systems" article.