ELMA RPA Bot is software installed on any machine. The main program function is running processes according to the tasks received from the Orchestrator and forming an execution results report. Read more about working with Orchestrator in the "Orchestrator" article.

начало внимание

You can only work with a bot after connecting to the Orchestrator.

конец внимание

Working with a bot

After starting a bot, you will see a window displaying the bot name, version, and status. The bot may have the following statuses:

8 — the bot is not connected to the Orchestrator;

14 — the bot is connected and waiting to receive tasks;

10 — the bot is performing a task at the moment or waiting for Orchestrator authorization.

bot 1

For the bot to perform a task, it must be connected to the Orchestrator and have the Allowed status.

To connect the bot to the Orchestrator, click on the 57 button.

After the first connection, the Orchestrator will display a notification about a new bot being connected, displaying its ID and registration request. Read more about managing a bot from Orchestrator in the "Bots" article.

If the bot is blocked, you will see the waiting for authorization window when trying to connect to the Orchestrator.

bot 2

The name of the task completed by the bot is displayed in the window.

bot 3

To finish the task, click on the 53 button or press Ctrl+Alt+B.

If any errors occur when connecting to the Orchestrator, the bot window displays the corresponding notification.

Connecting a bot to the server

To connect a bot to the server, click on the 45 button, enter the bot name, the server address and the connection port as <server_address>:<port>.

bot settings