Activities are the basic elements all the processes consist of. For example, clicking a button in a program window, entering text in a field, starting a program, etc.

Activities can be found on the Palette tab of the process card and are grouped by type:

  • Mouse. Activities that simulate mouse actions: Click, Click Text, Hover, Drag&Drop, Scroll;
  • Keyboard. Activities that simulate keyboard actions: Enter Text and Key combination;
  • Context. Activities for working with context: Get Text, Get OCR Text, Extract Table Data, Set To Clipboard, Get From Clipboard, Assign Parameter;
  • Recognize document. Activities for recognizing documents: Document Recognition and Template-based Recognition;
  • General: Script, Start Application, File, Log Message.


The diagram displays activities as boxes containing a brief overview:

  • screenshot of the interface element the bot is interacting with;
  • activity name generated by the template during the process recording or indicated manually in activity settings;
  • activity system name that allows to differentiate a basic activity if its name was changed manually;
  • additional information that depends on the activity type. For example, you can indicate the names of the buttons, key combinations, context variables the value is copied to, etc.

Actions with activities

There are several actions with activities available on the diagram: