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What RPA is

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that automates business processes with the use of robots. Robots handle tedious, routine tasks—thus helping invest more time in higher-value work.

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What tasks robots can tackle

Robots are best at automating repetitive, simple, and standardizable tasks.


ELMA RPA is a fully Russian product whose competitive edges over rivals include a low entry threshold, user-friendly interface, and workflow simplicity.

Our system uses AI-powered computer vision. The robot “reads” and records data from any environment—be it legacy interfaces like Delphi, FoxPro, or web/desktop app interfaces (including websites of Ministries and Agencies)—to the RPA system.

Creating software robots should not be a big deal, so we adhere to the “simple tools for simple tasks” principle. Instead of a complex development environment, we offer a tool to train robots. On top of that, our project has an exceptionally low entry barrier; getting down to engineering robots has never been that easy.

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Workflow automation

The RPA philosophy helps automate task chains, but robots cannot fully replace humans in business processes, so BPMS, EDMS, or ERP systems are often used to augment the workflows. ELMA RPA can be seamlessly integrated with a BPMS to help you manage something bigger than automating simple chains of manual operations.

Автоматизация бизнес-процессов

Software robots work shoulder to shoulder with humans, covering the most tedious and daunting tasks. ELMA RPA will have your back on the routine front while your specialists will be free to focus on valuable tasks.

As a result, workflows run faster and with fewer errors. Integrate the product with BPM systems or use it as a standalone tool.

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Автоматизация бизнес-процессов
Потоковая обработка документов роботами

Robotized document stream processing

Understanding and processing paper documents and scans are always time-intensive operations in large enterprises, no matter the industry. This is mundane yet important work that must be performed flawlessly. People find handling documents daunting; thankfully, it can be delegated to digital assistants.

ELMA RPA comes with built-in operating blocks to recognize documents in a stream. You do not have to bother programming: robots can process ID cards, contracts, invoices, and other documents completely autonomously. Every bit of data will be validated and recorded to any system you need.

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Free training course

ELMA RPA is very easy to work with; any office employee can master it. The system does not require any technical education and long weeks of training.

You can start modeling processes for software robots almost immediately. Nevertheless, we have created a free training course on configuring and working with ELMA RPA to make it even easier for you to master the system.

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